Teenagers save a dog before it’s too late, read the story now!


Stray dogs face a lot of things; they face loneliness, and danger. Facing loneliness, they find that there is no one to take care of them, no one to pet or love them, and it hurts a lot. Feeling abandoned is a feeling humans hate to feel, same goes to dogs. They face a lot of danger, car accidents, or dog fights. They also face cruel people, how someone can easily push them out of the way but hitting them with their leg, or just throwing something at them. People don’t realize that dogs have feelings, and it should hurt you if you did something cruel to a dog. But there are people who are willing to help them, it’s very heartwarming to see people doing their best to save animal’s life, and offer them a second chance.

This story is amazing, teenagers found a dog wandering around on their campus, Harlandale High School, so they decided to help the dog. The dog was really dehydrated and alone, lost, and they realized that the dog needs help, not one that they could offer. However, they got her water till they called for help. They named the dog Londyn, and contacted Protecting Animals Within San Antonio (PAWS).


With ultimate luck, Harlandale has PAWS club on campus, and thankfully, Londyn the dog got help right away. Poor Londyn suffered from heartworm, a tumor that will be treated by chemotherapy, and tick-born Ehrlichiosis. Despite all of that, Londyn the dog’s vet think that she will make a proper recovery with the right care.

PAWS started a campaign to donate to help cover Londyn’s medications, because they will cost a lot. You can make a donation here. Once she is all recovered, she will be able to find her forever home.

We wish you the best, Londyn!