That fox played in the yard with the dog’s toy!!Amazing and adorable.

9-15-2014 4-59-32 PM

Surprises, fun, loyalty, wonderfully amazing, a life in action; those words simply describe a life with a dog pet, and especially when they have an interesting interaction with some other animals. It’s like an amazing adventure; animals have a very strange bond between each other, and it is shown in this video. I think this dog proved that dogs are like children, they hate it when another kid plays with their toy, and this is exactly what happened in this video


That pretty dog was playing around with his favorite toy enjoying the happy and peaceful moments, but this dog actually made a mistake, he left his toy in the yard. Well he was feeling that it was safe, but what he didn’t know, is that that there was a stranger around. His owner just looked at the window and he was extremely surprised at what he had seen; a stranger is playing with his pet’s favorite toy, the stranger is a FOX!! He just saw the dog’s toy and he made it his own, he was completely funny and hilarious, he looked amazing while he is playing. It’s amazing how this adorable fox acts like a pet dog, I will think about having a fox as a pet, but for the dog, things was really different, he was barking like he is telling the fox to leave his own toy.


I am sure that this video will make you think about having a dog as your pet! Watch the video below and if you find it funny, share it with your family and friends.