The heartbreaking death story of Miley Cyrus’ husky dog.


Some of the Celebrities are animals’ lovers, some of them have lots of touching stories to tell, like this story of the singer and actress Miley Cyrus with her husky dog, named Floyd.

Miley Cyrus is known for her endless love for dogs, she has an army of them, but for her, her husky dog Floyd was special. Miley Cyrus got the husky dog in 2011, and he was her favorite dog between all. Floyd passed away in mysterious circumstances, no one know the truth but as one of her Bangerz tour’s dancers said, he was killed by a coyote in a heart breaking accident.

Miley didn’t talk about it too much, she tweeted after his death saying, “I know I don’t mean it but I wish he would’ve taken me with him, this is unbearable, what am I gonna do without him?” Few days later after Floyd’s tragic death, Miley finally opened up about it, she said that her love to Floyd never faded away; she talks about him like he is still alive. She is still denying the fact that he is gone, and as she said, she didn’t accept it fully. The more she talked about her husky dog, the more she cried and started to lose control.

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The Hannah Montana star explained that Floyd died on April fool’s day, which that she wished it was just a prank that anyone would play on her. But her sadness on Floyd didn’t stop at this point. As a part of her Bangerz tour, she dedicated the song “Adore You” to her husky dog Floyd; she sung it with a version of a huge stuffed animal for him on the stage. And it didn’t stop here; Miley also got a new tattoo of her husky dog to honor him after the tragic death.