The moment these chimps were released into the sun, I couldn’t hold back the tears

Sadly, and despite global efforts to hinder this activity, animal testing is still ongoing in many laboratories around the world. Starting from cosmetic products to disease treatments and what follows, the animals in those laboratories suffer an indescribably huge deal of illnesses and side effects that are simply too horrible to talk about.

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Not only are the damages physical, but the animals are brought in from their natural habitats and often kept in lifeless metal cages, worsening their psychological state, and rendering their life an endless stream of suffering.

This is why animal rights activists worldwide have been working to stop these cruel practices, and until they reach that ultimate goal, they do their best to relieve these animals after they get out of the laboratories.

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This group of 100 chimps were recently released out of a laboratory because of their old age. Luckily for them, these people care about providing with a peaceful and suitable environment to spend their last years in.

When this group of 100 chimps arrived at the chimpanzee sanctuary named Chimp Haven, the number at the sanctuary doubled. This was actually a positive point, because chimpanzees by nature like to live in large groups, so this helps towards creating a better environment for them.

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When I saw how happy and peaceful these chimpanzees looked when they were finally put in their natural habitat, it was such a heartwarming thing to witness.

We don’t always get to see happy endings for animals that are used in animal testing laboratories. While the issue might still be ongoing, it’s important to not give up on the cause.

This is one video that you don’t want to miss. You will be glad to see these old chimps finally living the life they deserve.

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