The moment this Orangutan knew she and her baby would be okay


Volunteers from International Animal Rescue (IAR) have been working in Borneo to save the lives of animals affected by a massive wildfire ravaging the island’s forests in Indonesia. The volunteering group came to the rescue of a helpless orangutan clinging with her baby to dear life. They didn’t just suffer the brutal blaze of the raging fire, but human cruelty, too.

The orangutan and her little baby were forced out of their forest home as a result of the fire. They ended up in a village where the villagers were scared and terrified of them so they started stoning the helpless mother.  They then decided to capture and tie her up. “Fortunately our team got to her just in time.”, International Animal Rescue (IAR) worker explained.


When words of writers fail to express, the pictures of photographs explain.  A photograph of the scene captures the heart-breaking details: the look of the tired mother is seen her eyes.  She was relieved to feel the gentle touch of kind volunteers. It’s like she suddenly felt their good energy; she was able to relax and surrender to them.  The orangutan felt she and her baby were going to be in good hands.

IAR explained, “They quickly anaesthetized the mother with her frightened baby clinging on tightly.  They have now been trans-located and released into a safe area of protected rainforest and are being monitored by a conservation team to ensure that they are recovering well from their terrible ordeal.


As a result of the fire, more than a dozen of orangutans have needed rescuing in recent weeks. This mother orangutan and her baby were definitely lucky. Karmele Llano Sanchez, Program Director of (IAR) Indonesia, said “We don’t know how many orangutans we have lost in this crisis but we know that this is going to be devastating for orangutan populations in the wild and could mean that orangutans will soon be closer to extinction,”.

Thanks to (IAR) this mother, her baby and other orangutans are safe now.