The New “PetBot” Takes Selfies Of Your Pet And Send Treats


It’s not an easy thing for us to leave our home for work, knowing that our dogs are waiting for us, sometimes we feel worried; we wonder what they are doing now? Did they eat? Are they sleeping? and we get that thought “if I just had a camera that shows me how my dog is doing now. This wish is true now, the new PetBot device will capture selfies of your pet and not just that, it will send them a treat too.


Now with this PetBot, you will not be worried about your pet anymore, the distance between you and your dog will only be your smartphone. Only by buying the PetBot, and by downloading the application on your phone, you will keep an eye on your dog or your pet by the live cam. The PetBot also contains a dispenser that you can fill with treats, by using the app you will be able to dispense the treats wherever you are.

What’s amazing about this invention is that it detects your dog’s face, and before popping a treat, it snaps a photo for your pet. Not just that, what if you opened the live cam and you didn’t find your pet? The PetBot will call on your dog’s name, using the application; you can play a recording with your voice to call on him. Isn’t it stunning? No more worries, your pet is not alone at home, he is secured, enjoying eating delicious treats and also feeling that you are with him.


The PetBot will cost you about $149, and let me tell you we didn’t expect this price, I was expecting a higher price. If you want to buy the amazing PetBot, you can visit the Indiegogo fund page by clicking here. You can also contribute to spur the product on the same link.

This amazing PetBot will make you a happy, proud owner, no more worries, share this now with every dog owner you know.