The position your dog chooses to sleep in, reveals unknown secrets..


There are complex and several personalities any dog can have. Every dog owner knows that each dog has a separate personality. Every single dog has its own way to express its feelings, which make them more particular than other pets. Dogs’ expressiveness of their feelings vary from wagging tails, simple whining or playing around. every dog owner knows his/her precious pooches inside out.
We already know that there are some very specific ways our dogs tell us they love us, but there are additional physical cues that we can explore to understand more about our dogs’ personalities and habits.
In an exclusive guide, we will display the most common sleeping positions that dogs choose to adopt;

1.The Side Sleeper


Many dogs like and choose to sleep on their side.  According to Dog’s Best Life, this is a peaceful, rested position. If your dog prefers to sleep on its side, that means it is incredibly comfortable with its surroundings.  It feels secured with people around. This is a sign that your dog feels blessed to be in your company.
Dogs who sleep in this position tend to be happy and unconditionally loyal!