The School Didn’t Allow Her To Let The Service Dog In, But The Department Of Justice Started A Battle


Dogs can be real life savers; this is what the amazing service dog did to the seven year old girl named Devyn Pereira, Devyn is having an Angelman syndrome, the girl was in desperate need for help, till Hannah the service dog came.


Hannah the service dog changed the life of Devyn; she helped her in everything, in studying and learning more skills. But Hannah is not trained only on doing that, she is trained also on alerting her of her oncoming seizures.

Sadly the school refused to let the dog in, so they pit roadblocks in order to keep the dog out.


Because of that, the family payed for a full-time handler for the dog, so their girl can go to school, it leads them to pay more than $25,000 fees for that handler who is taking care of Hannah. They struggled a lot to try to change that policy.


Thankfully, their efforts didn’t fade away; the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the school, which allows students with disabilities to let their dog in, so now Devyn can take her dog with her inside the school.

If they won the suit, they will be allowed to let Hannah the service dog in to the school, one of the school staff will handle Hannah, or they will pay the costs of the handler.


The family said that they are fighting for that not only for their daughter; they believe that it is a right for every kid with a disability, so they are fighting for every other family.


We hope that Devyn and her family will win the battle, because she has a right to be with her service dog, because simply they are real live saviors. You can support them by sharing this with your family and friends.