The last days of this dog’s life will

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Ol Boy was a homeless dog who lived in the streets of Singapore. He was very sick, unable to move, and full of ticks. He yelped in pain for three days at the same spot until a nearby resident informed a local organization called SOSD (Save Our Street Dogs).

The ill dog was taken to the vet, who sadly reported that the poor dog is living his last days. A consultant animal communicator had told the SOSD members that the best favor they can off the dog is a warm home and to spend his last days with a kind company.

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Therefore, he had a home and good companions until he died in dignity rather, than being ignored until found dead back in that spot where he was found.  What happened later has changed his companions’ lives forever.

At that time, when they named Ol Boy, they did not expect his story to go viral and touch the hearts of millions around the world. They gave him the act of kindness that any living being is worthy of.

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Street dogs need our care, they ask only for food and water.  In addition to those rights, they should be offered shelters, companionship, and to die in dignity. Ol Boy’s story has inspired so many people all over the world to show kindness to street dogs, even if no one would know.

In the loving memory of Ol Boy, thank you so much dear baby. You have taught us a lesson that would be appreciated by all of your fellow street dogs. We will never forget you, and we will ever miss you.