The story of Ugly, the most beautiful kitten in the world.

9-28-2014 4-50-53 PM

People sometimes make fun of ugly people or ignore them, as if this is how they choose to look like. Also when it comes to animals, some of them are made fun of ugly and poor animals. But I think we know who the real ugly are; those ugly faces or those who have an ugly mind?

The story is about an ugly- looked and sick kitten that is living in an apartment, abandoned and ignored by all the people who lived in. They called him “Ugly”. All people were standing away from Ugly; all the children were warned to not touch Ugly. They turned their back on him; people sometimes throw him with rocks if he tried to enter their homes or even shut the door on his little paws. Those people forgot that ugly is just a kitten, he just needs love, he was just begging for some little act of love from those inhumane creatures.

Till that man come, he saw the kitten and felt so sorry for him, he saw the pain that the kitten feels every day. He gave him lots of love and care that he needs. He wasn’t asking for more than that, they don’t need food or water or lovely toys or even a shelter, they only need that amazing feeling of petting, they just need love. Ugly was having one eye, the other was just a gaping hole, he had a missing ear and a broken foot, his tail had been lost with the smallest stub left, lots of sores covering his head and neck, and his condition was very bad and painful. He kept on living and fighting, eating from the garbage and trying to get some love.

One day Ugly shared his love with a group of huskies but they didn’t respond kindly, they mauled him; he was screaming form the pain. That man rushed out to aid him and save him but when he saw ugly, he knew that his life is coming to an end.

Ugly was so harmed, the man held him on his hands and took him to his apartment, he was listening to Ugly’s pain, but surprisingly he found that Ugly is sucking his ear, and tugging it, while he was struggling and dying. He held ugly closer to him, and Ugly put his head on the palm of his hands and he heard the sound of purring. He was just asking for some act of kindness, but he didn’t resist that pain and he passed away before even getting any help or even gets inside the house. That pure spirit died without having what he deserves from love.

How could one even be scared from the smallest, purest souls who give love so purely? Ugly touched him and us and made us learn about giving love and compassion, how to love truly and deeply. Ugly taught us better than any books or lectures could teach you. And as that man said after Ugly died “People want to be richer, more successful or beautiful, but I will always try to be Ugly”.

Give love for those in need, don’t be un ugly hearted, care for those four legged creatures, don’t ignore them, they don’t want anything from you but a little kind act of love. Ugliness is not a look or a view, it’s an act. So don’t act UGLY. Act KINDLY.