The Two Horses Accidentally Fell In An Old Pool, See What Happened Next


Nothing is more amazing than saving lives, and some of those animals who are saved are having an adventurous story, like what happened with those two horses, Elvis and Alfie.


It all started when the two horse friends wanted to have an adventure, so they decided to escape from the field that they lived in, it seemed that they wanted to explore the world out there, but their owners located them before they went too far, and they started to follow them, the two horses were in the garden, they came behind an old pool, and at this moment, something scary happened.


Alfie fell down in it, he was splashing to help himself to float, minutes later, Elvis fell down too, it was shocking and scary as their owner described the situation, but he tried his best to act calmly, trying to calm down the two horses.


The horses’ owner tried his best to guide the horse to get out of the pool, but there weren’t any steps that they are allowed to step on. The owner was shocked, but he has to deal with the fact that his horses are stuck in the old pool, and they are unable to get out.


The owner called the firefighters and some rescuers from the Rescue Service’s Animal Rescue Team. Alfie was drowning, he was very anxious. The firefighters worked their best to pull the two horses to safety.


Thankfully, the two horses were saved, and they were reunited back to their owner, thankfully without even one injury.


The vet came and checked on the horses, they were a little tired but later they were totally fine. We are thankful that the two horses are healthy and good now. Don’t hesitate to share this rescue story with your family and friends.