Their unusual dance companion stole the show at the wedding!

If you’re a dog owner, then you just know how much of a blessing having a dog in your house is. Dogs are incredibly kind and compassionate. They have more than once proven how intelligent they are and how quickly they can learn and acquire new skills and habits. But the thing that dogs are most known for is their emotional intelligence and their unbelievable loyalty. So it’s fair to say that dogs are way, way more than just pets. They are lifetime companions. Ask any dog owner you know and they won’t find enough time to talk about all the situations in which his or her dog has proven its undying loyalty.

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So we know for sure that our dogs will share with us all our moments of happiness or sadness. And in many ways! So this couple decided to make use of their dog’s willingness to share their happiness, and they created something beautiful!

This video shows an amazing thing. It was shot during this couple’s wedding on June 27th, and it shows how Bonnie, their English Shepherd, is one dedicated and obedient dog.

Any normal couple would prefer to have their first dance on their own, but these two decided that they needed to bring their lifetime companion into this. And boy, am I glad they did! This adorable dance just had me smiling from ear to ear. This lovely dog is so well trained and well behaved. And I love how elegant she looks! She certainly stole the show.

It’s sad to think that some owners still abandon their dogs before getting married. This video proves how much of a joy having dogs at weddings is!

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Isn’t it just lovely? I am definitely going to suggest this to any couple getting married soon. Don’t forget to share this cute dance with your family and friends!