These Dogs Were Greeting Their Owner, Untill They Realized That He Knows About Their Crime


How many times have our dogs committed a crime at home, and when we looked at them with raging anger, they pulled those puppy guilty eyes which melt our hearts and gains them instant forgiveness.  These two Pit bulls are just that type, but they have created a new method to force their owner to forgive them. Meet Missy and Laydie, the cutest criminals on earth, they love their owner, but this never prevents them from playing with his clothes.

9-29-2015 8-06-40 PM

The partners in crime ran happily towards their owner to greet him when he got back from work.  They wiggled their tails excitedly like nothing was wrong,  little that they know that their owner has figured out what they did.   He welcomed them, patted them, but when he confronted them about their mistake, they reacted in the most hilarious way; you won’t stop laughing at their reactions! This owner understands that everything can be replaced but the dogs’ love cannot.

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We love our pets very much that we can forgive them for any mistake they might commit, even if it was disastrous. Maybe they are teaching us some morals such as, not to take life too seriously, how to forgive and love. Sometimes however, it’s not easy to quickly forgive mistakes like chewing an expensive pair of heels, furniture, pillow or digging the flower beds, licking everything they see.  But you find yourself calm and composed when you know that they are apologetic, and feeling guilty. It’s adorable how a dog can apologize, it only proves that they are emotionally involved and through our body language, facial expressions and speech they understand us, they understand our words, and they understand that they really did mess-up.

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