These Husky Puppies Want To Play With Mom, But It Seems That Mom Doesn’t Want To

9-18-2015 2-36-10 AM

Mothers are always busy;you see them going here and there all the time to do what her babies want. It seems that it’s the same thing for momma dogs too. We know that being a mom is something priceless, it’s really amazing, but if you are in this husky dog’s situation, you will think one more time.

Every mom needs a moment on her own, she needs a moment to take her breath, and this is what the husky dog can’t get, because actually her husky puppies are following her everywhere, and they won’t ever leave her take that moment.I can tell, those pups will drive their mom insane. These puppies want to play with their mom, now see what they will do to their mom in this 6 minutes video.


This is how husky dogs are, adorable, funny, playful and also precious. As always husky dogs are always surprising us with their funny actions, they are a very special kind of dogs, they are the most interactive with their owners, and talking is the most common between all huskies, it’s a husky thing, they start to howl on the rhythm of the word, and they got strong vocals. Husky dogs are beautiful, and they are very curios and full of energy, and that’s what makes them lovely.

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The coat of the husky dog is very thick, it needs a huge effort in grooming, husky dogs needs daily grooming, also you have to know that the husky puppy can’t handle hot weather, the weather temperature is the most common problem with a husky puppy or any furry animal, so if you are living in a hot weather place, you have to cross out Siberian huskies from your choices.

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