These Ladies Came Up with a Smart Way to Recreate the Natural Nursing Process

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While the maternal instincts with animals in general are very strong, there are many times in which baby animals are separated from their mothers under many circumstances. Often, these baby animals can’t survive on their own because it’s very hard for them to survive without proper feeding and nursing. Luckily, however, there are some kindhearted and dedicated animal lovers out there who will stop at nothing to help an animal that is in need, and because of them, many lives are saved.

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There is a conventional way of feeding orphaned puppies and kittens that is used in many animal shelters around the world, which is using a syringe or a similar way to pump the milk to the puppy’s mouth. However, these methods are inconvenient for the small animals, as it doesn’t give them the option to stop whenever they are full, so it might cause health problems.The ladies in this video came up with a creative way to feed this puppy and simulate a healthy and motherly atmosphere for it while it’s growing up.This puppy was having trouble nursing properly from her mom and as a result she had to be taken care of separately. But luckily, she was left in good hands!

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They came up with a brilliant way to help this puppy grow healthily. Instead of using a syringe, they used a light sponge which they loaded with milk every now and then. The puppy by instinct knew how to get the milk from the sponge, and it worked for her benefit because she could stop whenever she likes.

They used many other things that helped this puppy grow up in the right atmosphere. The beautiful little puppy is named Lilly Blossom. Isn’t she adorable?

Watch the video below to see the rest of the creative things they used to make the puppy feel right at home!