They Found A Homeless Dog With A Skin Covered With Pustules, See The Miraculous Transformation

All what abandoned dogs need is a second chance at life, once they get one, they show the best in them, this is what happened with Kristy. Kristy was a homeless, abandoned dog that is living in streets. No one can come close to her because her skin is covered in pustules and she lost too much hair because of this, no one will dare touching a stray dog like this.



Rescuers took her to the shelter immediately; they made a medical check for her, her condition was horrible that they couldn’t determine what her breed is. The vet started to give her the medical treatment that she needs. But sadly, no one was interested in adopting this poor little dog, and sadly she was listed to be euthanized, but they decided not to give up on her, so they started to raise funds over YouTube to get the medical help that she needs to recover and survive.



As for Kristy, the whole thing was terrifying for her, she was scared while she was receiving her first treatment and also for the first bath. But after that she relaxed, wrapped in her blanket. She was so quiet, not interacting with any one, but after her first treatment she had begun to trust her rescuers, she started to come out of her shell, and she stole everyone’s heart by her amazing personality.


Kristy now had recovered, her transformation is miraculous, her story proves that all what a dog needs is a second chance, and a hand of love and help. Kristy now is ready for adoption, if you are interested in adopting this sweet dog, click on this link.


You can also help her find a forever home by sharing this link with your family and friends, and hopefully she finds her loving owner between them.