They Left Their Pit Bull Chained And Moved Away! The Dog Was So Close To Death Till This Happened!

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Actually, I think that there is no excuse for those people who hurt or abuse dogs, this is a story of a dog that got a horrible life, but thankfully this dog finally had a second chance at life. Your dog is a part of your family that you can’t leave behind when you are moving out. Dogs are pack animals, they love to be with their pack and for them,family is the pack. Leaving your dog behind is something against nature.This pit bull dog is named Sweet June, her rescuers gave her that name, they rescued this poor pit bull dog that was found in a very horrible condition, they found her chained at the backyard of her home, or the place that was called home, because her owner left her alone when they moved out and left their home, they didn’t think that she is a part of her family.


She was left for about 45 days, and then one of the people who passed by heard the starving, abandoned dog crying for help, and thankfully she was saved, she was strong, despite how weak and close to death she was, she was able to fight.The pit bull dog went to the Vet Rench, the vets there helped her, and gave her the second chance at life. At first when she arrived, she only weighed 36 pounds, but Sweet June now had returned to her normal weight. Now she is ready to start a new life and have a forever loving owner who won’t leave her to die.


There are a lot of dogs out there in need for help, this is not the last story of abusing and won’t be the last, your dog is a part of your family, not for entertainment!

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