They Let Their Horse Out In The Snow, What Happens Next Will Melt Your heart

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We all have ample of fun in the snow, during the winter season.  Do you ever wonder if this is different for animals? I don’t think so, and here is why!

It is amazing to see animals having fun and playing in the snow. This family let their horse out to have fun in the snow and they were amazed when they saw the way he played in the snow, like a sweet little puppy!

He took a few slow step to get used to the feeling of cold and then he bolted around the area.  He simply could not stop because he could not get enough of the snow flying from his hooves to his head.

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This scene is often repeated with different animals.  It remeinds me of this Golden Retriever playing with her pack of puppies

Seriously, those puppies have the power to literally melt the coldest of hearts. It is a heartwarming and joyful scene to watch.  The Golden Retriever is treating her puppies to a day out in the snow. This is the kind of video that you can never stop playing it.

Another animal, this time a cute red panda is seen joyfully playing in the snow, too!

Those red pandas are having the times of their lives playing in the snow, jumping and running around enjoying this beautiful time of year. The zoo cameras captured this video; it’s the cutest thing to see, who can ever resist loving red pandas?

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Last but not least, Bao Bao, the panda, is experiencing snow for the first time

It can’t get any cuter than this; you just can’t hate these lovable animals.  When you see the word “panda” you get the feeling that you’re about to watch a cuteness overflow. Watch this adorable video of a cute panda playing in the snow. Bao Bao is only 16 months old, so this is her first time in snow.

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