A pufferfish behaving badly

In Hawaii, a group of scuba divers was visiting the beautiful water, when they went down, they did not know they were going to meet the world’s most curious fish!

While all fish normally fear scuba divers and keep a safe distance from them, this little guy was unexpectedly friendly. When the divers in this amazing video came across the little pufferfish, they could not help but feel amazed at how outgoing this little curious creature was! The pufferfish’s attitude was so odd, as all the divers in the video confirmed that they did not attract the little fish by any mean.

26-12-2015 11-35-59 ص

While all fish were the normal skittish little animals they were used to be, this little pufferfish simply kept coming around, leaving the divers scratching their heads! The little fish kept coming back for more patting!

26-12-2015 11-35-09 ص

While notoriously known for their puff reaction when scared, this little one did not behave as usual. Although it backed off a few times when felt intimidated, it kept coming back for more head scratches whenever the humans motioned for it to do so.  It just ended up swimming back every time with its cute little fins.

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