They played a prank on their pug, but his reaction was unrespectable

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Funny pug video

Have you ever tried to prank with your own dog? After watching this video, you will not prank with him or even try to make a prank. This dog had just done the most disgusting thing ever; well it’s the result of a prank. I think the dog is saying, if you can make a prank, I can make a prank too. Those couple tried to play a prank on their pug, they scared him with the big teddy bear, it seems that the little one was very scared, but their Pug decided to take his revenge and make his own special and disgusting prank! The pug got excited and playful, but then he stood aside and pooped, the couple were shocked. I think the pug wanted to tell them to never miss with him, it’s hysterical, and I am totally amazed by what he did. So for all dog owners, think twice if you had just decided to make a prank your dog. This video will make you laugh hard, enjoy watching the video below and share the endless laughter with your family and friends.

No one can stop loving pugs. The size, the curly tail, the wrinkled muzzled face of this Pug makes it the cutest and the funniest ever; Pug breed are the oldest breed of dogs. From the pugs’ facts is that they are not too good at swimming because their short limbs and short nose which causes breathing problems, also they are prone of catching cold because of that short nose. Their average of sleep time is about 14 hours per day; they are similar like cats that sleep about 16 hours per day. Pugs’ life span is from 12 to 15 years. They weigh about 14 to 18 pounds, and their height is about 10 inches.


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