They Refused Give Up And Let Her Drown


Some people know exactly what it means to live among incredible wildlife animals and they know when to step up and offer help for these animals if they need it.

This is the case in this story.  A baby giraffe in Kenya would have died perishing if people hadn’t come  and gathered to help her.

The poor baby giraffe was stranded in the Uaso Nyiro River, she must have been terrified, little she knew that there was a group of good people with kind hearts where would do anything to save her life.


The poor baby giraffe had been stuck there in the middle of the rushing water for more than three hours, that’s what was allegedly reported by the Samburu Aboriginal Heritage museum forum’s Facebook page.

The Facebook user, Baba Sue, who was one of the wildlife rangers who uploaded the photos of the rescue on January 29.

The great effort of the people who came together to help the poor baby giraffe would not go unnoticed. So a few days later, the post of the rescue was shared over a thousand times.

This is not like any other rescue, as recently, giraffes’ population in the region has been significantly declining.  In 1999, the population of giraffes all over Africa was estimated at 140.000. Nowadays, the population of giraffes has dropped to 80.000 only!


A Facebook user commented on the Facebook post with:

“Marvelous rescue mission, congrats great friend of samburu wildlife Mr. Baba Sue and team”.

“Guys wildlife is our GOLD,” Baba Sue wrote. “Love our wildlife.”

This is a real inspirational rescue story and I’m so grateful these individuals value and appreciate wildlife and wildlife animals!

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