They save one-eyed abused horse. Now keep your eye on her when she meets this mare… Incredible!

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On Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, comedian Jon Stewart has been making people laugh for years with his hilarious spin on politics. However, when it comes to saving an animal in need, it cannot be a laughing matter, as the Stewarts take this issue seriously.

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When Tracey McShane, Jon’s wife, knew about an abused horse named Lily who was abandoned recently, she figuratively took the reins against animal abuse and adopted her. The poor horse was found at a horse auction in New Holland, Lancaster County, PA. According to SPCA officials, the one eyed horse was found frail and covered in paint with a gnarly mane. They believed that she was about to be headed for slaughter!

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Lily was rushed to the Penn Vet New Bolton Center Animal Hospital, before taking her to a nearby center for rehabilitation. Tracey heard about this poor horse through an organization called Farm Sanctuary, which works to change our society’s vision of treating farm animals. The Stewarts had previously adopted a runaway bull. Therefore, the Farm Sanctuary thought that adopting Lily would be a great match.

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After Tracey’s famous hubby gave her the green light, the couple took their efforts a step further. The Stewarts partnered with Farm Sanctuary and initiated their own facility, which will eventually be Lily’s home!

It seems that miraculous things occur every time animal lovers extend their efforts towards these helpless and desperate creatures. This was not the only thing the Stewarts did for Lily, as while in recovery, this adorable horse formed a strong bond with another one-eyed horse named Anita. The couple could not leave Anita behind, so they decided to adopt her, too!

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“We are really excited. She is going to have a beautiful life,” Tracey told WPMT Fox 43.

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