They saw a puppy sticking his head in a small pipe, see the amazing rescue.


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From my point of view, it’s the hardest rescue ever. This scene was in Thailand, it all started when those people found that frightened tiny puppy. The little puppy was stuck in a steel pipe; his head and nose were sticking out of the pipe, but the opening of the pipe was very tiny. They did their best to help the puppy, they got the idea of cutting the pipe but it didn’t help, they can’t get the puppy’s head out of the pipe opening. By using soap and water around his neck, and pushed it down. Thankfully, after carful work and patience, the puppy was free. It looked like he is in a good health but he was very tired, the rescuers poured water on him to wash the soap leftovers. Later after the rescue, they took him immediately to the vet for the medical check.

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There is another amazing rescue that came to my mind after watching this one, watch this video that is showing the rescue of an injured and abandoned pit bull, the dog kept running away from them, she was very scared. They found her again between the trees, they noticed that her ears were badly infected; they did their best to make her gain their trust, the pit bull’s eyes were injured, but what they did to save her life was indescribable.

Something here in this video will make you feel comfortable, when you see that people out there are saving and caring for these animals. Some people out there are saving those pure souls from some human monsters. Those people have devoted their life to help animals in need. They are there, making a change; they are a blessing on this planet.

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Watch the rescue in the video below and share it with your family and friends.