They thought there was a dead dog hanging around, then they caught this incredible footage!

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Owners of this very short video claim that they could smell a wet dog in more than one place of their house. They used to have a dog that passed away a while ago. While they were trying to get a video memory, and just before recording anything, the camera holder caught this glimmer of a transporting ghost! It just looks like their dog was hanging around the place.

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Some people experience paranormal incidents like this, but I was impressed with such clear video footage, that reminded me of another dog ghost story. A dog showed himself completely to her owner!

The owner owns the dog since he was a kid, the dog loved the owner so much and was extremely protective of him.  On one occasion the dog had aggressively attacked neighbors to defend his owner. After a proper diagnosis, the puppy was declared a danger to people, and had to be put down.  The innocent child was not aware of the dog’s aggressive behavior and only knew that his dog had left. A day later, he was going through his room when he saw his dog lying down on the floor at his usual spot.

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It looks like a passing spirits! Let us know in a comment below if you experienced or know of similar stories.

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