They Went Diving To Explore The Sea But What They Saw SHOCKED Them!


They Went Diving To Explore The Sea But What They Saw SHOCKED Them!

Two rare and endangered sea mammals were seen caged by a fisherman in Koyoka Island, North Maluku in Indonesia.

They were discovered when divers went undersea to explore the sea and watch the amazing creatures. But they never thought they were going to witness this  horrible captivity. Divers were shocked to find two dugongs, otherwise known as “sea cows”, caged in nets and one of the two sea mammals was suffering due to its tail tied to a large rope!

One of the diver, Galuh Riyadi, described the situation to BBC Indonesia:

“There are two dugong placed in two different nets, the small one was not tied up, and a big roughly two meters were tied tail. His body wounds and its tail was nearly broke up due to friction from this bond.”


The two dugongs were finally released in the ocean after the group of divers shared videos and pictures on social media.

Sadly, many of the endangered species are under serious threat. Not only of extinction, but by being killed through fishing-related activities and hunting.

The fisherman apparently caged the two mammals to earn money from tourists. The divers didn’t trust the man would set them free and that’s where the role of social media came. Galuh posted the video on social media and tagged the Minister of Marine and Fisheries.

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Soon they released the hashtag #SaveDugongMorotai which spread and people showed their care for these animals’ rescue.

At the end, the government officials responded and contacted Galuh to set the endangered dugongs free. The next day, authorities arrived on the island and freed the animals!

I’m so thankful and glad that the divers decided to not accept this absurd and selfish behavior.  Share this story with your family and friends!