They were playing pool, but keep your eyes on what the dog did, it’s the funniest ever.

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We know that dogs go crazy when a ball is around, tennis balls, or even pool ball. They are the perfect companion in any game that has a ball in it. This video is the best thing that you will see today. This owner was playing pool with his friends, and surprisingly, the poodle dog joined them. It seems that this poodle dog is cheering for his owner; he barks like he is cheering for his owner, he also put his paws on the table to see how his owner is playing. The dog got excited more and more that he wanted to join the game, so while his owner was playing and when he saw the red ball coming his way, the dog got so curious so he caught it in his mouth, what a hilarious moment, it seems that this dog doesn’t play by the rules. The man and his friends were about to die from laughter because of what their poodle dog did.

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Despite that pool game, poodles are beautiful. People stand for them in the street to watch them. I think poodle dog is a fashion icon, they really look very fashionable, and elegant. Besides that poodle dog height is about 35 to 45 cm, and their life span is from 12 to 15 years, it’s very important to train your poodle dog, don’t spoil him at all. The coat of poodle is the most important thing of all, you have to groom it and care for it to stay neat and healthy.

Watch this video of the cute poodle dog and see how he reacted when he saw the electric tooth brush, it’s hilarious!

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Watch this funny video below and see how the dog caught the pool ball, and if you like it, don’t hesitate to share it with your family and friends.