This 14-week-old k9 dog is having an impressive skill.


K9 dogs are known for their serious training, and they are also known that they start from an early age, and talented and smarter dogs are known from their first weeks in training that they will be different and smarter than the others, like this dog in the video. It seems that this dog is having special canine abilities. The dog showed us his amazing talent in the K9-in-training, when the puppy detected the criminal; the dog started to chase the criminal immediately and caught him in a professional way till the police came and caught him! This video is showing this young dog’s real talent, this dog is the future most professional K9 dog!


K9 dogs are the police dogs, K-9 is a homophone of the word canine, the dogs are trained there to help working with police officers, because dogs have a stronger ability to discover and smell bombs and drugs, also missing people or dead people, and looking for crime scene evidences. The most used breed in this mission is the German shepherd breed because they are very strong dogs, they are great at guarding, smart and protective, and they have a very strong sense of smelling and hearing, which make them perfect to the mission.

Abusing a K9 dog is against the rules, and killing a K9 dog is a felony. Some other breeds are used in the mission like Labrador retrievers for locating bombs and drugs, Pit bulls for rescue and tracking, beagle dogs for bombs and drugs, Doberman dogs for attacking and protection, finally German shepherd for protection , attacking, tracking, also locating human remains, drugs, locating evidences, they are very smart dogs.


Now watch the video below, and if you find it really exciting, don’t hesitate to share this smart talent with your family and friends.