This Baby Girl Is Feeding Her Dog In The Cutest Way!

9-7-2015 5-33-24 PM

When a baby and a dog are in a room, you will notice the positive energy that is in the atmosphere. They always know how to make everyone have a proper laugh, and that’s why this owner recorded this video for us. It honestly made my day.

Watching this baby and her German shepherd dog is something amazing that will draw a smile on your face, this little baby girl loves to feed her German shepherd dog, but actually she loves to feed him in a very different way, she is treating him like a baby, and as her mother feeds her like this, she is doing the same with her baby dog, she is feeding him with a spoon, isn’t it absolutely amazing?Look how he eats from the spoon, its adorable! I didn’t see something as cute as this.

9-7-2015 5-34-10 PM

This video is probably also made to let people know that dogs are not bad for children, because most dog owners who are expecting a baby give up on their dogs, afraid that it would be dangerous for their baby, well it never is. Dogs are better than all the babysitters out there, because they care and give love unconditionally.

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You can also train your dog on having limits with your baby if you are worried, but not give up on your dog. Dogs would never hurt a human being, without him or her giving it a reason. When dogs and babies meet, they form the most unbreakable bond, and it also teaches your baby on loving animals especially dogs, and he or she would never be afraid of dogs.

How does your baby feed the dog? Watch this adorable video and if you find it cute, do not hesitate now to share it with your family and friends.