This Boy Has A Sever Case Of Autism, Just Wait To See How This Golden Retriever Dog Changed His Life.

9-15-2015 4-04-06 PM

We have seen many stories about dogs who help people heal! Dogs have an amazing power that helps us get over our mental problems, it’s what we call the healing power, and this story is really showing how powerful it is.

Bruce and Caroline Tingum are great parents who had twin boys; it was very hard for them to know that their son Garrett has a severe case of autism. We know how it’s hard for a family to deal with that, especially when their song grew older, as he started to escape from the house and go wandering the street, chasing cars and entering homes, it was totally not safe for them to leave the house, or even turn a sight from their son. Autism was not the only problem for Garrett, he also has CP, which is affecting his muscles, and he has a speech problem. Because of these issues, this boy should be watched over by an adult for a complete 24 hours.

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Everything was hard, till Ruby came, this golden retriever service dog that changed their life, and also the life of Garrett. There is a bond that was created immediately between them, they were the perfect match. As his mother said, Garrett can’t differentiate between danger and safety, so he always put himself in danger, but Ruby came to give Garrett unconditional love and also take care of his safety. When he is missing, Ruby locates him easily, they also have an amazing time together, playing and having endless fun.

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I think that having a service dog will also improve the boy’s skills. Garrett now takes Ruby for walks with the amazing idea of the attached leash.

It’s very heartwarming to see the boy doing goodand to see his family happy, and it’s all because of Ruby.