This cat tried to be sneaky and eat the leftovers, but see her reaction when she is caught!


Yeah, cats tend to be so sneaky, too. However, they will be guilty… well most of them anyway.

This video will leave you, literally, falling off the chair from laughing… Okay not really but still, you will laugh. This adorable cat got so in love with the leftovers on the dinner table, and so she decided to eat them, but it seems that she felt as if she shouldn’t. That didn’t stop her, but when her owner caught her, and on camera, the cat felt that she committed a crime, and so when the owner turned the camera in another direction, the cat knew she has to make a run for it and hide. When the owner turned the camera to see the cat, she couldn’t find her, but she found her in an orange bucket, slowly sinking in it. How hilarious is it?! The cat’s reaction was totally not expected, and it was so fast to! Well, you’re one hell of a sneaky cat, but next time, take the food and actually hide, so you wouldn’t feel this guilty and not get caught.

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Cats have a perfect set of senses, they have perfect eyesight even in the darkness, but however, their eyes see poorer colors, not as humans see. Cats have excellent hearing senses, and their lifespan is from 12 to 15 years average, even though the oldest cat ever died at the age of 38. Cats are always in need for a grooming session, and they will need lots of care and the cat’s owner must be a responsible one in order to keep the cat healthy and happy. Cats spend 12 to 16 hours asleep, and they tend to be more active at night. In other words, cats are awesome.

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Have you ever caught your cat eating the leftovers? How was its reaction? Watch the video below, and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.