This Cat’s Reaction After Being Rescued Will Melt Your Heart!

These firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue a cat that seemed in a desperate need for help. Firefighters received calls about the poor cat that got stuck on the outside of a balcony.

It  didn’t look like this poor cat knew how to get itself out of this hard situation. With no time, the firefighters came to the scene and loaded one firefighter into the lift and sent him up toward the stuck cat to help get it out!

A real cat thing!

30-01-2016 11-56-18 ص

But something very hilarious just happened when the firefighter approached the poor cat! The poor cat forgot the hard situation and thought the firefighter was coming up for game!

Actually, we are so grateful the cat is safe but we feel bad that the firefighter had wasted some of his precious time in vain!

The bright side is capturing the rescue video so that we watch this hilarious video!

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If you are a cat person, the following videos will make your day:

This cat is awesome! The cat is named Philo, and his owner has just finished installing a new kitty door for Philo to use in order for him to be able to come and go as he pleases. So, he got his camera ready and anticipated to see what will happen when Philo tries the door for the first time. But he didn’t expect what happened next.

Cats are very smart, aren’t they? Cats are the kindest, the most playful, and also the sweetest, they are very friendly and cute, and they are the funniest pets ever. So you are very lucky to own a cute cat like this!

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