This dog makes a good panhandler; you won’t stop laughing at the end.

4-21-2015 4-08-51 PM

Oh my god, I couldn’t stop laughing at this video, at first I thought that this dog was paralyzed, but I was surprised at the end of the video when I saw the dog walking and running normally. When you will press the play button, you will see the dog walking in a very funny way, he makes a good panhandler with his back legs, but surprisingly at 0:13, I discovered the truth about it, the dog walked normally; I couldn’t stop laughing while watching this, it made my day brighter.

4-21-2015 4-09-40 PM
What this dog did reminds me with those dogs who are playing dead, remember this when the dog realizes the cat is playing dead in the middle of the road, it was so funny! The dog really looks like he is sad. For a moment you will be worried if the cat was really dead. I was afraid to watch that video but now I am glad I did. This was the greatest joke a cat could play on a dog. I can hear the dog saying “Oh my god! He’s dead!” That rascal of a cat waits a couple of seconds then pops up and runs. It was so funny and cute!
This video was uploaded on internet a few days ago, it went viral and lots of people enjoyed it, it was a very funny cramp. But some other people got confused about it in the first seconds, they thought that the dog was paralyzed and they made fun of him. But thankfully the dog is ok, it seems that he is adorable, funny and energetic, and that he loves to make tricks and make pranks.

4-21-2015 4-10-00 PM
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