This Dog Was Called Ugly, Till This Family Came


The ugly dogs mostly don’t get the chance to have a second chance at life; actually, they don’t get the chance to have a forever, loving home, but this dog got the second chance that she was wishing for after a lot of pain and hard life.

Lisa’s look was unusual; she looks different than any other dog. Lisa has lots of scars on her face due to the abuse that she faced in her life, also her eyes are puffy, and this condition is called the cherry eye. Lots of dogs in the same conditions don’t get adopted at all, or it’s not easy for them to be adopted. But Lisa was very lucky; her rescuers thought it would be impossible for her to find her forever owner, but they were wrong.


At an adoption event, every single puppy was adopted from the first hour, but at the end of the day, Lisa was still there, no one ever adopted her. But thankfully, there was a family who forgot about her ugly face and looked deep inside her heart, they saw how beautiful she is and decided to give her a forever home. As her new owners said, she has a sparkling personality, anyone would fall in love instantly with her when they meet her.

Now, Lisa was given a new name, after she had arrived to her new home, her owners named her Lucy. She deserves the life that she is living now, with a family who appreciates everything about her. She is having an amazing life in her forever home with a loving owner, after all what she had been through with her previous owners, or after all the abuse she had faced before, she definitely deserve this.


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