This Dog Was Called “Unadoptable”, But Then Found A Precious Purpose For Her Life

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She was called “Unwanted” and “Unadoptable”, the worse was when she was scheduled to be euthanized, but what no one ever could imagine was that “unwanted” was a really special dog with a gentle loving heart. One day Jenny and Jimmy Desmond who are consultants at the Jane Goodall Institute, the Harmony Fund and The Humane Society, rescued her.

This is the story of ‘unwanted’ who is now named Princess. She was rescued from euthanization and has found a deep purpose in life which is supporting and foresting various orphaned animals and giving them love and care. Princess, Jenny and Jimmy represent the best trio who are ready to save other animals and offer support.

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Princess has noble features of a real princess; she helps, supports and loves those around her.  She has traveled around the whole world to shower animals with her love and affection. The amazing trio, Princess and her new owners Jenny and Jimmy, have helped a great number of animals.

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Princess cares for various kinds of orphaned animals: monkeys, pigs, starfish, little kittens, chicks and puppies. Basically, Princess is there for any animal that would ever need help. Watching Princess cuddle with little orphaned animals will definitely warm your heart and make you smile.

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Princess is out there for any animal who is in desperate need of loved and security. It is an extraordinary to see a dog transform from being unwanted to a tender helping heart.  It is clear that the feeling of rejection has influenced the way she treats those around her; she doesn’t want any other animal to feel unwanted!

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Maybe she is a role model for those judgmental individuals  _and trust me they are many_ or who don’t have enough faith in life. What I’m pretty sure of is that Princess is a loving soul.

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