This dog was injured and abandoned on a freeway, what happened next is amazing.

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It’s another story of second chances, and it’s one of the amazing rescues ever by Hope for Paws, the non – profit animal rescue organization.

It all started when someone urgently called Hope for Paws telling them about a dog who is walking along a freeway. The rescue team was racing to the location to rescue the dog. When they arrived there, they saw the dog immediately, the volunteer got off his car to rescue the dog, he came closer to him slowly so he won’t scare him away, and they don’t want him to run on the freeway.


The dog ran towards a stopping car and hid his face under it, they helped the volunteer to get the dog out and put the lucky leash on his neck. Thankfully they did it successfully, the volunteer found that the dog was injured, the dog was also terrified, but the volunteer started to pet him. Luckily, those two people who helped him to get the dog were off-duty animal control officers.

As for the dog, the volunteer tried his best to let him up, but the dog was refusing to move, he was like a piece of rock, so there wasn’t any other choice but holding him. The volunteer held the dog to the car, and they went immediately to the vet for the medical check. They gave the dog the name Tyrion. After a few minutes, the dog showed his real shiny personality, he was very happy to be saved.

At the vet, they found that Tyrion was attacked by another dog, and it infected him badly. After a few days of treatment, his personality shone and he started to be friendlier.

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All what you have to do now is to share this video to help find a home for Tyrion, if you are interested, visit www.hopeforpaws.org