This dog was waiting for his owner for 5 months, see the amazing rescue

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Having a dog is undeniably one of the best things that could happen to any of us. Dogs display a huge amount of emotion and affection towards their owners or any friendly person they meet, even if for the first time. This is why when a dog gets abandoned or loses their home or are separated from their owners for any amount of time, they take it very hard on themselves because once they like you, dogs become attached to you on a certain level.

Today we will see the heartbreaking yet happy ending story of Buddy. Buddy is a dog that was abandoned in a large agricultural field in Bakersfield, and for about 5 months, he stayed there waiting for his owner to come back for him, but the owner never did. Lots of people tried to catch Buddy to get him to a safer place but were unsuccessful.

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However, when a lovely lady got very determined to help him, it’s heartwarming to watch her success in making him able to trust human beings again.
She devoted 2 days of her time to help Buddy. Slowly, she gained his trust, as you can see in the video, it was very hard for him to accept food from her, but eventually he warmed up to her and started getting closer and closer. However, when she got a leash on his neck, he chewed through it, refusing to leave.
When she got help, they finally managed to bring Buddy onto the car, where he was rushed to the vet for a health check. Buddy soon found his forever home. It is truly heartwarming to see how this woman’s devotion to help the dog gave him a second chance for a better life.

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