This Firefighter Found A Wood Box, What He Saw Inside Changed His Life Forever

10-22-2015 1-22-38 AM

Nothing is more amazing than saving a life of a dog who was about to die, nothing is more precious than giving a second chance to a dog who had no other choices but death.

This is an amazing story that is heartbreaking in the end. It’s a short movie that was made by a student at Riverside Christian College. When she played the movie to her classmates, she left them crying in the end.

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The story started when a firefighter was going to his daily duty, that’s when surprisingly he came across a wooden box. He decided to step out of the truck and see what’s inside it, and he was totally shocked when he saw a dog inside. The firefighter is having a pure heart, that he refused to leave the dog alone, he fell in love with the dog instantly, and he decided to keep him, and make him a part of his family.

The most amazing story started, the dog changed the man’s life, and the man changed the dog’s life, they spent an amazing life together, full of adventures, they spent a life together, but then it comes to that final end, the end of the video is very heartbreaking.

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Something here in this video will make you feel comfortable, there are lots of people like that man doing their best to save stray and abandoned dog. When you see that people out there are saving and caring for these animals. Some people out there are saving those pure souls from some human monsters. Those people have devoted their life to help animals in need. They are there, making a change; they are a blessing on this planet.

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