This fisherman caught a fish, but he didn’t know that a shocking surprise is waiting for him.

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Imagine when you are fishing, waiting for a fish to stick in, and after the time you were waiting for that fish, the moment comes. The fish is stuck and you are feeling happing, then in a moment, a cat comes and steals that fish that you were waiting for! It’s heartbreaking actually. This is what happened with that man, after he was waiting for his fish; it’s shocking yet surprising, almost heartbreaking.

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This video will prove to you that from the first rules of fishing; never go fishing with a cat, or with any cat around. This man was fishing, he was feeling happy, enjoying the thing he loves doing most, and suddenly the fish was got caught, but when he turned around with it, he never knew then that he is about to have the surprise of his life. He found that cat coming out from nowhere, and it snatched the fish; the cat caught the fish with her paws and mouth, and ran away so she can enjoy the meal. This part reminds me of Tom and Jerry! I think that this man felt that he got the most shocking surprise in his life. I am very thankful that all of this was recorded on camera! This video is from the ones that you can’t miss recording or watching.

Sometimes cats act nicely with fish, watch this video of Timo the Ragdoll cat, greeting her fish friends in the pond with a little kiss, and a high five with her paws. It’s the cutest thing ever to watch today.

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For me, I’ve never seen something like this before, and I can’t stop laughing about it. So tell us about your adventures while fishing. Watch this funny video below and if you like it, don’t forget to share this with your family and friends.