This German shepherd dog is struggling to keep his eyes open!

4-29-2015 3-03-57 PM

I have no doubt that every one of us does this while watching TV at night, after a long day, the feeling of sleeping is ways stronger than that movie you want to watch. We have that tendency to fall asleep on couch. So this video proves that dogs are the exact same like us. Just like humans, this German shepherd dog was enjoying his cozy time watching TV with his owner by his side, but he was filmed while he was struggling to stay awake, it seems that the German shepherd dog loves the movie that he wants to watch it till the end, but sleeping is way stronger. Every few seconds, the German shepherd dog is like dipping his head down and suddenly he wakes up. By the end, he gave up and he snuggled by his owner and fell asleep, and it was adorable!

4-29-2015 3-04-17 PM

Big dogs like Saint Bernard and Mastiffs, sleep for about 18 hours, which is very close for cats that sleep for 16 hours. All dogs sleep more than humans which affects the activity level in their day, also the more activities they do, the more sleep they will need. Mostly dogs are sleeping about 50% of their day, and 30% of the day resting, they will be awake but without doing any activity and they are active only for 20% where it is time for exercising and playing, so dogs sleep about 12 to 14 hours, but for puppies, you will also find that they sleep about 18 hours. So if your pet is sleeping more or less than the average, don’t panic, it will be different from every pet to the other.

4-29-2015 3-04-35 PM

So what does your dog do when he feels sleepy? Watch the video below and if you like it, share it with your family and friends.