This girl did the unthinkable to save the horses after the barn was on fire!

This girl did the unthinkable to save the horses after the barn was on fire!

It’s an amazing story of a courageous girl, who is 15 years old. She did the unthinkable to save the horses’ lives. The horses are now running happily and healthy, all because of the 15 years old girl. It all started when the fire started in the barn, the horses’ lives where in real danger, but thankfully, this girl was there for them, it was an amazing rescue.

Madison Wallraf noticed the smoke while she was with her family. Madison’s stepfather called 911 immediately, her family tried to not let her go inside the barn, but she didn’t listen. Madison Wallraf ran towards the bran, getting into it, because her hours that’s called Red was inside, she had the fear that he could die from the fire, her fears made her save more than 25 horses. As Madison said, she started by just putting their halters on and pulling them out by twos, but suddenly the fire started getting quicker, the danger was surrounding, so she wrapped their ropes around their necks and then she tied them around her arms and pulled them out. This courageous girl saved about 25 horses, three of which had run away from the barn in fear. Sadly, 16 others had died because of the fire. Madison’s family took her immediately to the hospital for smoke inhalation. Thankfully she is safe and reunited with her family and with her horse, Red.

Madison is very courageous; she showed her true love for animals. She didn’t care about the danger she was facing, she got into the fire to save those horses. Now they are searching for the lost 3 horses which are suspected to be in the woods, we hope they find them safe.


Watch the news report in the video below, and share this story of the heroic girl with your family and friends.

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