This girl is doing an adorable thing to her dog! She’s practicing her future job.

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Noa the beautiful kid tries to practice her future job and she makes a checkup for her dog Neckar the Bull Terrier and he listens to her, she wants to be a vet or a doctor and tries to practice her future job, what she does is so priceless, it is the cuteness we see in the baby’s eyes. It’s amazing, if you think about it, that dogs get along with children as well as we do. Many seem to understand that kids should be treated differently, with gentleness and tolerance. When interacting with children, these dogs patiently put up with all kinds of strange, unpredictable behavior and sometimes even painful handling. This ability to enjoy the company of kids, despite rough treatment, has made the dog a popular family pet. Most dogs end up bonding strongly with the children in their family, becoming both friend and protector, and the love between a child and a dog is a truly wonderful thing to behold.

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Some dogs, however, have trouble interacting with kids—and when a dog doesn’t get along with young family members, the consequences can be devastating. Although dog bite fatalities are extremely rare and most bites don’t result in injury or medical treatment, children are the victims of half of the estimated 4.7 million dog bites in the United States every year. One study estimates that about a third of these bites are delivered by the family dog. Dogs often bite children on the face or neck, and these bites sometimes result in permanent scarring or disfigurement. Irrevocable emotional damage is often done as well. Many parents consider any tooth-to-skin contact with a child a major breach of trust—perhaps even grounds for euthanasia—and some people develop lifelong phobias of dogs after being bitten during childhood. So it is so necessary to teach and train your dog how to treat your kid.

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