This Golden Retriever puppy spotted a spoon, what happened next cracked me up

No one can deny that being a dog owner means knowing how much of a blessing having a dog in your house is. Dogs are incredibly kind and compassionate. No matter what their breed or age is, they have more than once proven how intelligent they are and how quickly they can learn and acquire new skills and habits. So it’s fair to say that dogs are way, way more than just pets.

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That is why the difference that having a dog in your life makes is undeniably huge. You just know that whatever the situation is, your dog will always find a way to make you laugh and just simply make the day better.

But do you know what does the job even better than dogs? The answer is puppies! These little fluffy creatures are full of love, cuddles, and hilarious situations, as they go through their journey of world discovery.

And here is one of these undeniably adorable moments. You’re about to see a lovely puppy discovering a (very small) part of the world.

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Lindsey is a three months old Golden Retriever, and he is one playful and curious puppy. When his owner accidentally dropped the spoon, Lindsey’s day suddenly became much more interesting. In the video, you will see Lindsey eyeing the spoon curiously, unable to understand what it is. He was even a bit scared of it, and started barking!

This video is just hilarious. I bet Lindsey is such a fun puppy to have, and I hope he grows up soon and finally unravel the mystery of the spoon!

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So, do you have or ever had puppies at your home? Share with us your funny stories of the amazing discoveries they made around the house, and don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family and fellow dog lovers!