This Guy Can See With Only One Eye Got A Dog Just Like Him


Meet Jordan Trent a guy who can see with one eye only, Jordan thought it was a good idea

enhanced-4891-1452016344-2to have a fur buddy and enjoy its companionship. It was such a perfect time for him to have such a unique fur buddy!

The 32-year-old Trent has lost the vision in one eye after a gardening accident. He had undergone four surgeries in his eye but he still lost his sight. The man who lives in Georgetown, Texas has picked his new fur buddy from a marketplace after his children aged 6 and 8 years old fell in love with him right away.

Shiner Solo Trent is the name of the new friend. “No one wanted him, which was perfect” it feels like life has hidden something so amazing and adorable for Trent to make it up for him and for the sweet Shiner Solo Trent as well!

They look like the perfect match for each other and it feels like they complete one another. The sweet dog’s name comes from “Shiner” Trent’s favorite Texas beer, “Solo” because his beloved children are so obsessed with Han Solo, of course!


Trent told BuzzFeed: “They said: ‘He’s blind in one eye like you, Daddy. We have to get him!’ I wasn’t in the marketplace for a dog, but I looked at him and he was the cutest dog ever.”

He was the last one to have been picked up from his litter, Trent says. “No one wanted him, which was perfect.”

I’m so thankful that no one has adopted or wanted to adopt Shiner Solo Trent because life wouldn’t be that good for Trent to find a dog as unique as he is.

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