This husky dog decided to bring himself a Christmas gift; you won’t believe what he did next.

 This husky dog decided to bring himself a Christmas gift; you won't believe what he did next.

It’s a very funny video. We know that all people wait for the Christmas gifts, especially our dogs; it’s the favorite time of the year. But this dog is different, he is the smartest ever. It seems that he also wants his Christmas gift, but he found no one to give him any, so he decided to make it all by himself. As you see in this video, this husky dog entered the store from its front door, but what the workers saw in the security cameras was the weirdest thing ever. In the beginning, the husky dog walked in the store, he started with the checkout area, and then he went directly to the dogs’ section where dogs’ heaven is located, lots of food and lots of toys. Obviously, this husky dog is not here for a normal walk in the store, he is here for a mission, he knows where to go. I am sure that he must have visited this store with his owner before, that’s why he knows the right direction to his goal. The husky dog, simply grabbed a bone, and walked out of the store.

Expert Marshall Tanner said that what happened is according to the strong smell canines have, especially husky dogs. The bone that the husky dog stole was for two dollars and 79 cents. We wish that the husky dog really enjoyed his new Christmas gift.

Surprisingly, the husky dog is named Akira, he is 11 years old, and he is living 6 miles away from the store, his owners were completely surprised by what their dog had done, they said they leave their dog to wander around, but they never expected this from him, to steal something from a store.


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