This Is A New Level In Dog’s Concept Of Loyalty. OMG! I’m Speechless!


No matter what we believe in or where we come from, no matter all the differences that form our personalities and our perspectives in life, there are few things that we absolutely agree on.

One of these things is how extremely faithful dogs really are! It is not a must to be  a dog owner to believe in this, and being a dog lover is absolutely not that much important, you will agree on this fact because it is one of the very few facts that is proven from time to time.

You don’t have to be a part of the story or see it with your own eyes, but once you learn about it you will believe it is a true. Because dogs are dogs, they will never change and no matter how personality can change from one dog to another, loyalty will always be their main feature.


In Egypt, there was an extraordinary scene that blew everyone’s mind. A group of dogs, about 7 or 8 dogs, went to a drugstore with their “injured buddy” to ask for help.

This scene with their picture really made my mind frozen for a short while. Although I do believe that this is so doggy action, yet I was amazed!

I don’t know how they decided just to companion their injured buddy whose leg was hurt by unknown reason, we don’t know what hurt the dog’s leg yet, or how they, somehow, figured out that drugstore is the perfect place to head to ask for help for their injured buddy.

OMG! I still can’t believe it although my hundred percent belief in dog’s intelligent instinct. I’m so grateful for my job and the fact that I write these stories that happen here and there.

Again, there are few facts in life that don’t need a double check or discussion and dog’s loyalty, for me, is one of these FACTS.

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