This Is How You Can Break Up A Dog Fight



It happens sometimes in places like dog parks, especially when dogs are walking without leash, we see dogs get in fights together, and sometimes it gets terrifying and it could get worse. What we will talk about today is how to break up a fight between two dogs without any harm and without panicking. You should also make it right, because if you did it in a wrong way, it will result in you getting bit. The most important thing is to do everything in the right way. In situations like this, your safety is the first priority. This is how you can stay safe while stopping the dog fight.

First you should differ between the real dog fight and the play fight, when they are playing, it will not be violent, but when it comes to a real dog fight, it will be extremely violent and rough. The best right way to tell if it is a real fight or not, is to look at the dogs’ bodies, if you noticed that the body is loose and the tail is wagging happily then it’s ok, but in case you noticed that the tail is stiff or grid, then it’s a fight, you can decide also from their faces.

If you noticed that the fight was only starting, it will be enough to shout at the dogs, and it will work, shout loudly with a clap, but don’t scream. If it doesn’t work, you should try something else. The most important thing before trying another thing is to not panic, because if you did so, you might increase the risk of getting injured or bitten. Simply, dogs sense fear; they smell the fear and the panic, which can make the situation way worse.


You can bang on something that makes a loud voice. You can also spray them with water; you can use a water bucket. You can also insert an object between the dogs, such like a board, or a folded chair or wood, but don’t throw it at them, but you can throw a blanket over them.

Most people grab the dogs from their collar, it’s the most used way to separate dogs from fightswhich is totally wrong, and it increases the risk of being injured.At this moment of anger, dogs can do anything, including biting.

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