This Is How You Can Stop Your Dog From Licking People


Dog licking boy (6-7 tears) sitting in car, close-up
Dog licking boy (6-7 tears) sitting in car, close-up

Licking the owner’s face is a dog behavior that means the bond is so strong between you and your dog.  Dogs do this sometimes to welcome or greet their owners, and sometimes your dog might start licking people especially when they are greeting them.  Be sure you know that it’s not a thing that everyone enjoys or welcomes, so you have to train your dog not to lick everyone around them.  Here are tips that you should follow to train your dog not lick people.


First, you have to stop your dog when it behaves like this, so when it starts to lick one of your friends, just stop it and use the command “stop”, keep repeating it until the dog stops.  By doing this your dog will know that what it is doing is not acceptable.

Second, you have to give your dog your back, and ask the person who was licked to turn their back to the dog too.  Your dog will notice that it doesn’t get any attention when it does this.  It might stop it from licking people; your dog will notice that its behavior is not accepted.

After your dog had stopped, you have to pet him a lot.  So that it realizes that you still love it and was just teaching it.  It’s better also to reward your dog with its favorite treat. Your dog will relate licking to it being ignored.


These tips will show faster results if you ask for the support of your family and friends. Read all the tips well and if you find it useful, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.