This is what little Elmo did when the treats were offered. Catch that sausage thief!

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If you think that thieves are only humans, you better think again, after watching this you will believe that pets can steal things, especially treats. The little ones are always the most cute and adorable, and who usually have the sneakiest ideas. Here we have 3 dogs, 2 big ones and the last one is the smallest and the smartest as well, the three dogs now are getting ready to get their treats, but they didn’t know that there is a little sneaky one hiding beside them and planning for horrible selfish things.

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It was the snack time, so when their owner offered the sausages, she put one sausage in front of each one of the dogs, she puts them after giving the command “wait” for the dogs. The dogs waited patiently, and when she finished, she gave them the command “ok” to start eating, but as the time came to eat, even before the 2 big dogs had noticed that there were some treats offered, the smallest dog stole all the treats and ran away. He is so smart, but I think the two big dogs will never let him eat the treats safely. This dog should be called the sausage thief, I can’t stop laughing on this little dog, who is actually has a big appetite, and he surprised us all. It’s an 18 seconds video but you will laugh for 18 minutes after watching it.

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