This is what would happen if dogs could really “apologize.”

5-4-2015 3-40-23 PM

Every dog owner knows how it feels like to see our shoes chewed or to see some dog pooping somewhere in the house. Sometimes dogs will feel guilty, they will give you that adorable “I am sorry” look, and let me tell you, no one ever can resist that look, I have no doubt that every one of us tries to turn our face to avoid that eye contact because somehow, dogs will win in the end, and you will forgive them. But have you ever wondered what dogs will say if they can speak and if they can give you a real apology?

As always, BuzzFeed amaze us with their creative videos, this cartoon animation video shows you how it would be if dogs can speak and apologize, the video shows many scenarios of dogs that are sorry to their owners, and you won’t stop laughing on this. It’s absolutely hilarious.

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Despite of all of this, we all love our pets a lot that we can forgive them for any mistake they may do, even if it was a disaster. Maybe they are teaching us some morals, at least not to take life too seriously, or get away from fights, how to forgive and love. It’s not easy to forgive things like chewing a shoe heel, eating the wood of the table, cutting the pillow out, digging in the grass, or licking everything, or chewing something important from your stuff. But you find it the easiest thing when you find out that they can apologize, and they feel guilty. It’s adorable how a dog can apologize, it also shows how dogs can understand us, they understand our words, and they understand that they really did a big mistake.

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