This Man Has The Most Adorable Cuddle Session with These 2 Big Cats

All cat owners know the feeling of waking up to your overly affectionate cat in the hour when you need sleep the most. Still, we can’t deny our fluff balls the cuddles that they need. There’s just something so lovable about snuggling with a cat! No matter how much we get, it’s never enough.


But when people think of big cats, the words “cuddling,” “snuggles” and “petting” almost never cross their minds. Everyone is under the assumption that those felines are never as affectionate as their smaller kind.

All it would take you is a couple of minutes of surfing the internet to find out the complete opposite. Big cats, like small cats, love to snuggle..and this video proves just that.

This video was uploaded on the African Dreams youtube channel, which is full of lots of other adorable big cats in the wild.

7-31-2015 2-46-55 AM

When I saw the title, I didn’t expect the video would be this adorable! The video shows this man having the most adorable snuggle session with two lions, Noam and Tom. You could have mistaken the two young lions for adult lionesses, but actually the two male lions are actually still young, that’s why they don’t have lots of hair around their heads like the adult male lions do.

The video shows the softer side of these lions, it was so amazing to watch them being playful and cuddly. I especially loved the part where they were yawning with sleepiness.

7-31-2015 2-47-42 AM

Of course, the man in the video is a trained professional. It’s wrong to assume that this is the nature of the big cats. This only happens under very strict conditions that not everyone can achieve. Isn’t it simply amazing? Don’t forget to share this mind blowing and super cute cuddle session with your family and friends!